Warm Congratulations to all the crew of Like a BrEEZE for a strong performance during the ARC-rally

Dec 11, 2013 | OQS News

Dear all,

On behalf of Like a Breeze crew we have a pleasure to inform that on Dec 10th at 10.27 UTC first OQS-60  concluded the ARC race in Rodney Bay Marina on St Lucia island-Carribeans. Due to weather conditions we had to cover 3011 miles and used for that  15 days 22h 27 min making average speed of 7,8knots. Our top speed during the course was 21,3 knots. From 226 ships started in Las Palmas on Nov 24th  including Racers , Cruising single-and multihulls Like a BrEEZE crossed the finish line being 12th ship to arrive overall, 2nd multihull and 2nd in cruisers category.

Describing the features OQS-60 showed during the voyage despite some technical childhood deseases we have to admit that its probably the best combination of luxury and performance in multihull world. The hull is performing  smooth, silent  and comfortable both upwind and downwind. Most probably the perfect weight balance and light rig makes OQS-60 extremely stable in any weather circumstances. That feature makes it possible to have the wine glasses standing on the table even with 8 meter Atlantic waves- its a boat for people who evaluate comfort. Luckily our wine cubords were well equipped and we managed to enjoy every single day of the 16 day voyage. Our set of sails works perfectly in appearant wind anngles from 30…155 degrees. Considering the prevailing wind directions we were missing straight downwind sails but always in life you need some room for improvement. All equipment on board except the ice-mashine worked as expected.

We congratulate German Frers and OQS team for their success, send our best greetings to everyone who loves sea and based on our 6’300 nm experience reccommend to experience it with OQS-60.

Like a BrEEZE crew


Warm Congratulations to all the crew of Like a BrEEZE for a strong performance during the ARC-rally.

We as builders are happy and proud for this achievement. You have showed the global sailing community Ocean Explorer C-60 has real potential for performance even if the build specification for Like a BrEEZE was focused on luxury, comfort and cruising before racing. Outstanding work done by a great crew!

The OQS Team