Oct 11, 2023 | OQS News

It’s been four months since we started up the production of the first ever Ocean Explorer 62, and the build process is going smoothly forward.

In early August the lamination of the hull was successfully completed, and the OQS team could bring her out of the facility to prepare her for the next step – the painting of the hull and related surface works. Our trusted subcontractor, Franks Måleri, was a clear choice to make us reach this milestone of the project. That being said, the hull of OE62-01 was transported over 20 km from our facility in Jakobstad to an extended paintshop outside the facility of Franks Måleri one late evening in August. Over the course of two hours with lots of team effort, she made it there safely without any complications.

After a month of surface works and painting, a radiant and transformed OE62-01 was ready to be taken out of her shed to be transported to the next offsite facility where the rest of the production will take place. In the meantime, the OQS team has been kept busy with the production of her carbon deck. The carbon deck will be finished in a few weeks from now, and will after that follow the same process as the hull.

We are looking forward to sharing more of this innovative project and how it is taking shape.