Production is advancing in great progress

Nov 19, 2012 | OQS News

Production is advancing in great progress after the de-molding of the hull. We are pleased to share a few new details from the production.

The Ocean Explorer C-60 shroud chain plates are infused in composite and fully integrated in the hull.

The main interiors for the accommodation cabins are produced and being installed in the hulls.

The first curved dagger board trunk made in full carbon is now ready and being fixed to the hull.

The reversed bow shape is being fine tuned. Ocean Explorer C-60 has an extra safety aspect built in which we feel is a good thing on a fast catamaran. A crash box protecting the hull structure and minimizing the damage in case of an accident.

Lamination work on deck is in full speed ahead. The deck will be infused and post-cured within November one month ahead of the original time schedule.