OE72-001 leaving the yard after 3 + years

Jul 16, 2021 | OQS News

Fantastic day, fantastic project, fantastic boat!

It has been 3 + years since we started building this project. The OE72-001 was originally meant to be delivered during 2020, but due to Covid-19, this beautiful boat sails away one year later than expected.

This boat has been built to a very experienced owner and is very far customized keeping long distance sailing, reliability and safety as first priority throughout the entire building process.

The OE72-001 is the first hybrid propulsion boat we build with Torqeedo supplied propulsion, batteries and energy management. She is definitely ready to explore the world and participate in some occasional regattas, thanks to the high-performance winches, furlers and so forth. All pushbuttons are controllable from either of the helm stations, which makes the boat even more comfortable to handle. The initial sail trials showed speeds faster than the wind!

Beautiful, timeless and very clean in lines, if I may say it myself.

Wishing the owner fair winds.


Tomas, CEO