Like a BrEEZE 45’000nm anniversary while crossing the Pacific!

Mar 27, 2017 | OQS News

While writing this Ocean Explorer OE60-001 Like a BrEEZE has in 3,5 years sailed  45’650 nm and looks almost like new!

After crossing Atlantic for 5 times and making 2 full circles in Med plus 3 in Carribeans we participated in World ARC rally event to cross the Panama canal and the Pacific Ocean during Feb-March 2017. Our route went from Panama to Galapagos islands and from there to Hiva Oa in Marqueses-French Polynesia.

28 sailboats including 7 catamarans where on the starting line this time. Total distance from Galapagos to Hiva Oa straight is appr 2950nm and we needed to cover 3070nm to reach the finish line. Galapagos – Hiva Oa leg first 5 days were with temporary light winds only, when using A4 and A3 with some luck , but most of it was without any wind at all (below 6kn) and we went on engine on course 230 degrees to get more south and reach tradewinds. On such an ocean voyage you need to count your fuel reserves carefully so very moderate engine propulsion could be used. After reaching the tradewinds on 8,5 degrees southern latitude real sailing fun began. We covered 2’450 nm in less that 11 days making average of whole trip 7,7 kn and last 11 days over 9kn. Top speed reached was 20,4 kn. During all the sailing time Like a BrEEZE was in average 1,5kn faster than any ohter boat in the rally crossing the finish line over 350 nm before next boat and over 400nm before the next  catamaran.

During the trip we used all sails we have on board : mainsail, storm jib, jib, code zero, gennakers A3, A4 and the parasail spinnaker. After the winds turned east at aroud 100 degree western longitude parasail was the favourite to get along.

Besides making an excellent sailing performance all comfort on board was still there. Nobody needed to have warm Gin Tonic in the evening as ice-maker was on duty. Watermaker with 150 l/h capacity is absolutely enough prodviding with 3h daily use necessary fresh water not to limit shower possibilities to all 8 crew members (incl toilet system, that usese fresh water). Electricity need of the washing mashine, dishwasher, 2 refrigerators and a freeze , cabins air in/out ventilation, autopilot and ohter navigational systems covered by 8 kW generaator via 1’200 Ah litium battaries. The diesel consumption stayed below 20l daily so LaB arrived in Hiva Oa having still over 500 liters of diesel on board as a real Ocean Explorer should have.

Hereby on behalf of the owners of LaB we are extremely happy to confirm that the developement of Ocean Explorer 60 can be considered finalised and the the boat can be declared perfect to cross any ocean on our planet with high speed and outstanding comfort.

With best regards and thanks to OQS team

Reet & Heiti