Aug 26, 2022 | Sustainability

As forerunners in 0-emission sailing and hybrid electric propulsions, we offer several options on hybrid propulsion solutions for our catamarans. We strongly believe in building more eco-friendly yachts to minimize the negative impact the boat industry has on the environment. Therefore, we have researched several sustainable solutions for the Ocean Explorer catamarans to have better chances at protecting our planet and human health.


1. Standard electric motors in connection with battery banks and separate double generators for redundancy.

We offer various configurations with sail drives and straight shaft for propulsion. However, larger models will mainly have shaft propulsion due to the non-availability of proven solutions on sail drives for projects that surpasses a certain size.


2. A lighter version of the standard electrical propulsion in which we would only use one generator in connection to the standard electrical propulsion system.

When choosing the single generator option, the owner automatically makes the decision that sailing will be the main method of transportation. With this option, reduced battery capacity is recommended to minimize the weight while increasing the performance of the catamaran. The backside of this solution is that the luxury and comfort of the vessel might be altered because of the fact that the generator needs to run more often if air conditioning is used.


3. Electric propulsion where a power train on one side and an electric motor is used on the other side of the catamaran.

With this solution, the shaft is directly connected via gearboxes to an electric motor and diesel engine. The single motor can be used both as a prime mover and as a generator. With an asymmetric system, the solution will become very light and will also function as a very high output generator when using the diesel engine as a generator, in comparison to conventional standard generators.

All the options mentioned above can always be connected to solar panels to get solar energy and maximize the sustainability of your yacht. With a well performing catamaran you will also get regeneration when sailing. Our regeneration figures from OE72-001 with the electrical propulsion provided by Torqeedo are immensely impressive. The propulsion solutions are constantly developed to get regeneration from lower and lower speeds, to one day enable completely emission free sailing.


For any further questions and inquiries please contact us on info@oqs.fi

Tomas Halmesmäki, CEO of OQS