Why go for the Ocean Explorer? Below some reasons compared to the most common options on the market:

Powerboats compared to the Ocean Explorer.

The similarities are that neither yachts heel like a monohull sailing yacht. Going further in the comparisons the Ocean Explorer has several superior benefits, giving you added value, for your favorite leisure time in life.

  • Are you fed up with the expensive fuel paying thousands in order to enjoy the sea, cut your costs and enjoy a more economical and cleaner time at sea.
  • Do you feel limited in your dream destination due to fuel range, no more range limitations due to lack of fuel!
  • If you have been “forced” to a powerboat by your better half in order to avoid heeling you now have the opportunity to go sailing again without this issue.
  • The Ocean Explorer C-60 has considerable less draft than a powerboat of same size. Visit areas which are to shallow for a conventional boat.
  • The Ocean Explorer has considerable more living volume compared to a monohull in same length. Enough room to invite more friends to enjoy life with.
  • The living comfort is stunning, ample in size and the atmosphere is relaxed and we do not have high decibels from running engines. Quiet cruising, even at 20 knots.
  • If you choose to go for the green options you will seriously cut fuel, emissions, service intervals with oil and filter changes. You can increase your ocean time and decrease your costs.
  • You can actually beach the Ocean Explorer due to the reinforced hull shape.


Monohull (sail) compared to the Ocean Explorer.
  • Less heeling, hence less seasickness.
  • Performance, go really fast if you dare, show more sails. A cat is faster than a monohull.
  • More living volume, at 60ft you are actually buying a living comfort and space equivalent to a 25% larger monohull.
  • In our standard layout you have 4 master cabins with queen sized double berths. In a monohull you often have one large master cabin followed up by smaller cabins in various compromises.
  • Deckhouse with a 360 degree view out with a taste of the superyacht world.
  • You can make and enjoy your breakfast during the watch without losing sight of the situation at sea. You can do your dogwatch without being wet or cold.
  • The draft is 0,85 m meter, a monohull of the same size would need another 2,5m.
  • Double set up of engines giving a backup in case of need in an emergency situation.
  • Disabled people can enjoy the yacht. The aft cockpit area, saloon all the way to the mast is in one level, no obstacles. The deck on the side of the deckhouse gives plenty of space to walk side by side.
  • If you chose to go for the green options all critical electrical instruments will run on solar power, watermaker and sewage systems, fridges, navigation lights etc. Save money and nature by less motor time, less emissions, less service intervals and most of all less noise.
  • With the reinforce hull structure you can beach your Ocean Explorer which is never the case with a monohull sailing yacht at the same size.


Ocean Explorer compared to other catamarans.

The C-60 has a few aces up the sleeves that we like to keep our secrets but a few points worth mentioning. Our objective has been to find the best balance between performance, living comfort and safety.

  • We bring top quality, performance and living comfort into to the catamaran world, which is rarely found.
  • By the combined experience within the team and proven track record we ensure a result expected to be found mostly in the superyacht league. With the C-60 we are downsizing  superyacht values to 60ft.
  • The Ocean Explorer has a reversed bow, not only for styling, but for better sailing characteristics and to minimize pitching. Most production cats have a normal bow.
  • We have chosen dagger boards as solution instead of keel. Most production builders go for a keel solution. The dagger board solution gives more performance and less draft. You can explore shallow waters with greater safety.
  • The competitors on keel say you can beach your cat. So what? The C-60 can be beached. Our bottom structure has a “semikeel” which is a reinforcement structure to protect the hulls if you want to beach or hit something. We have watertight bulkhead sections in the front and aft.
  • The competitors on keel mention that keel is safer and demanding less from the sailor. Our take is that we expect our customers to be clever enough to handle this.
  • Safety, the performance enables you to sail fast out from a storm rather than being stuck in it.
  • Safety, the deck is in one level from aft cockpit to the mast, hence no level to stumble on.
  • Safety, we have double steering positions well protected on the outside aft and a remote from the navigation table in the saloon behind the forward cockpit with a 360 degree view.
  • Comfort, we have large cabins with queen sized beds, air conditioning, water makers, sewage cleaning as standard.
  • We have a green option concept for the environmentally concerned customer for minimizing dirty emissions to air and water.
  • Ease of handling, the design allows singlehanded sailing out at sea. The jib is self tacking and the lifting of the dagger board is done by a push of a button.
  • Balance, the fuel and water tanks are located mid ships as the engine room to ensure a superior balance.
  • Service and safety, the engine rooms are inside the hulls located mid ships with easy access. No risk to flood the engine rooms from waves or rain as when access is through the deck from outside.