OE60-001 Like a BrEEEZE for sale

May 25, 2023 | OQS News

July this summer marks an important milestone for us, as our first-ever catamaran, OE60-001 Like a BrEEZE, has officially been in use for 10 years with the same owner.

The catamaran was built with underlying values of high quality, performance, safety, and aesthetics. After a decade in operation, we can confidently state that these values have certainly been fulfilled. Since 2013, Like a BrEEZE has explored the world’s oceans, participated in regattas, and provided the owner, their family, and friends with unforgettable experiences at sea.

We are therefore pleased to announce that there is now a unique opportunity to become the next owner of this truly exceptional catamaran. Like a BrEEZE is now for sale, and more information can be found on Grabau International’s website.