Presenting Northrop & Johnson Asia

Nov 4, 2016 | OQS News

OQS strengthens the sales organization and the market presence in Asia and China.

We are pleased to announce Bart Kimman and Hugo Van Schaik, will join our sales team together with their crew of Northrop & Johnson Asia.  Northrop & Johnson is one of the most reputable broker houses in the world and we are very pleased to team up with them.

We think the Asian yacht market is ready for a fast performance sailing catamaran, offering outstanding living comfort, modern design and top quality.

The long time market presence by Northrop & Johnson provides a wealth of knowledge about culture, business and how it is successfully done in Asia.  The sales team has a comprehensive understanding regarding the values and technology know-how behind the boats being built in northern Europe and Finland.

Bart and Hugo with their team is one of the best and reliable institutions to bring together clients in Asia with us as builders in the North and make good things come true.

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We warmly welcome aboard clients from Asia together with the Northrop & Johnson team!