OQS opens in China

Jun 17, 2014 | OQS News

We are proud to announce Windward Asia Co. Limited is appointed as agent in China. The office situated in Hong Kong is managed by Jimmy Cheung and assisted by Kazumi Li.

We look forward to being able to announce the sale of the first Ocean Explorer into China in a not too distant future. Windward Asia is also agents for Nautor Swan in China and have just commissioned the first Swan 60. The two brands can be distinguished clearly as one is a catamaran and the other is a monohull. However most of the other values and features are based on the same foundation.

Both yachts have the same designer, Germán Frers, both are built close by in Jakobstad, Finland. Both boatyards share the passion for quality and performance expected and found only in the real Premium segment.

From OQS side we recognize China as large country with great potential for the future. Equally we recognize differences in personal taste in different parts of the world and the way of doing business.

However we strongly believe in some similarities globally as well. The Premium segment of Clients deserve and expect Premium yachts, where average is not enough.

Yachts in the real Premium segment are built in Jakobstad, Finland, regardless if it is a monohull or sailing catamaran.

Welcome to the Team Jimmy and Kazimu!