OQS After Sales services – A seamless ownership experience

Apr 8, 2022 | After sales

OQS is a yard focused on building close client partnerships from day one. Our commitment to the client doesn’t end simply because the yacht is finished or the warranty is over, the owners of Ocean Explorer catamarans will continue to receive full life cycle support with whatever is needed to maximize the enjoyment of your seabound journeys.

Our highly experienced team is equipped to provide you with both larger and smaller maintenance or other work. To enable exclusive access to the support, the team is always ready to travel in an immediate response to the needs of the client. On delivered yachts, if desired, we can also establish a remote connection for troubleshooting, updates and upgrades, to be done together with the crew.

To ensure that the after sales services are as extensive and efficient as possible, we are committed to providing you with the part or spare part needed, together with advice and technical support, regardless of where the yacht is located.

Our team strives to create the most relaxing and carefree experience as possible for the owner; our commitment is to support you, your safety and your happiness as an owner of an Ocean Explorer catamaran.