Ocean Explorer 64 – The new generation of luxury performance catamarans

Nov 2, 2021 | Models

One of the latest models of the Ocean Explorer series is the OE64. This model has been developed and refined together with sales prospects and usage of the sister model, and we believe it is time to officially present this enchantress to the world.

The OE64 is a development from the OE60 with the main focus on performance and speed. The helm stations are lifted up on the deck level, just as they are on her bigger sisters, OE72 and OE78.

Sailing this catamaran is effortless and can be done shorthanded, since the primary and secondary winches are placed close to the helm stations.

The boat is made with infused epoxy in an e-glass and carbon construction where we use pre-preg laminates for the bulkheads. The coach roof is made from carbon fiber and the carbon mast is lifted up on the roof. The forward cockpit is still present on this model, but it is no longer a sail trimming area as on the OE60 but more a relaxing space with entrance to the cockpit from the side giving more possibilities for different configurations of the forward cockpit.

As a greener future is something we strive towards, the sustainability aspect in each catamaran is important for us. Therefore, the client can choose to have electric propulsion and several other low carbon footprint solutions from our options list. If desired, one can go for an ultra-low carbon footprint construction with this model where we would team up with the world leading structural engineers and have a flax/carbon construction of the vessel.

Because she is expected to go very fast at all wind speeds even with double handed crew, we would like to call this model the new generation of luxury performance catamarans.