Infusion quality and automation

Nov 9, 2021 | Sustainability

On the path to getting the production more efficient, keeping the waste down and improving the work environment, we decided to invest in automation machinery for our infusion work. The traditional yacht industry is known for its negative impact on the environment; hence we would like to make our boatyard and our products as sustainable as possible.

With the infusion work we have done in the past, two central characteristics in the process has been the usage of single use buckets and materials.  With the automation we can reduce the usage of these plastic buckets with several hundred kilograms on a yearly basis and eliminate wasted resin, by only having to mix the amount that is needed for the infusion. Another benefit from the automation in relation to the   conscious usage of the resin, is that the resin cannot be exposed to air, which promotes an even more sustainable process. These three elements are the most important in terms of getting our production more friendly for the environment.

The efficiency and quality control that follows the now automated process, is taking us to the next level in comparison to our previous methods. Previously the measurements have been taken from different places, whereas we now can accurately know the exact parameters that we have had during the infusion. Naturally, we always have an up and running backup system that provides us with informative secondary readings to compare to if needed.

The next steps for us in our journey to becoming a more sustainable yard is to reduce the single use plastics, valves and other material which can be substituted by materials that have a lower carbon footprint when produced. We always strive to reuse and recycle materials that can be. As always, we are happy to discuss, exchange ideas and techniques how to improve production to be leaner and greener.